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The Xcel Program is meant to challenge each athlete’s limits and abilities by providing enjoyable, yet challenging, practices and competitions. The Xcel program allows for gymnasts who are progressing faster in some areas, such as floor and beam, to continue to progress at this excelled pace but to continue to work on the other events. This keeps athletes from becoming bored with repetitious routines or to find themselves competing skills they are not yet mentally ready to compete. The Xcel program is flexible to the needs of athletes who may train in multiple sports or have many outside hobbies & activities. Athletes train from 6 hours to 16 hours per week depending on their level.

Bronze is the first division in Xcel program, this offers entry level experience into the sport of competitive gymnastics and competition.


Silver is the second  division in the Xcel Program. At this level they will be laying the ground work for their  future gymnastics.


Gold is the third division in the Xcel Program, here skills are getting harder the routines are getting longer and competition is getting much more competitive.


Platinum is the fourth division in the Xcel Program.  In this level we are building off of older skills, new skills are getting harder, and hours increase.


Diamond is the fifth and final division within the Xcel program, here we find a wide variety of skills placed within ones routine.


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