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Membership/Registration Fee

Membership registration is $40.00 for a single student and $60.00 per family and is due at the time of initial sign up. If a second child signs up later, then the difference is due at sign up. The registration is good for one year from the time of sign up. Membership/Registration entitles you as a member to sign up for classes during the closed enrollment period as long as you are still enrolled in that session.  Once you take a session off you need to wait until open registration begins to sign up your child.  With the registration fee it also entitles you to discounts on other activities in the gym.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership/Registration is not refundable under any condition.

Session Tuition

Tuition is the cost of each child's class for one class per week, based on an twelve week session. The session dates vary year to year based on the calendar. Tuition payment is due, in full, at sign up for each session. No spot will be held without 50% payment. A $30.00 fee will be charged to any returned check. Tuition for sign-ups done mid session will be prorated for that session and that session only, or you have the option of making up classes. Please try to make your payment at the office so that we may check to see if you have any outstanding balance or credit. If a receipt is required, please ask. If you cancel from a session before it begins, then you are entitled to a 50% refund or credit for that session. If you cancel once a session has started, then no refunds or credits will be given.

Session Policies

To continue the same class for the next session, you must enroll during the closed registration period. If you miss it, there is no guarantee of a spot in that session, even if you are a member. To change a class for the next session, you must re-enroll in the class you are currently in. Once open registration begins, you may transfer to another day and time depending upon availability. It is the parents' responsibility to be aware of sign up dates, session start and end dates, and gym closings. This information is posted around the gym and on the web page for your convenience. NOTE: We hope that all students will continue throughout the entire season. If you decide not to return to a class, and do not make any proven attempt to contact us, then we have no choice but to assume that you will not be returning and can not guarantee a spot in the next session. If you are not going to return, we would appreciate a call letting us know this and the reason for not returning. This information will help us to continue to provide a great, family oriented place for you and your kids. We understand the trials and tribulations of working families and we are here to help and work with you!


10% discount for enrollment in two or more classes.
10% discount for all immediate family members. Fourth member is free.
10% discount for full pre-payment of two or three consecutive sessions. **
15% discount for full pre-payment of four or five consecutive sessions. **

**Cancellations will only be entitled to a 50% refund per session

Additional  Discounts


MTG will be offering a 15% discount for all Active military, veterans, emergency service personnel, and law enforcement for our recreational classes. ID is needed for discount to be applied. Thank you for all you do :)


One make-up per session is permitted on behalf of the family for the following reasons: Missed class, sickness, school event, religious holiday, etc. 

If the gym should close for any reason, you will receive an additional make up class on our behalf. 

** To find out if the gym is open or closed due to inclement weather or planned closings, FIRST please try checking, then our facebook page, our website and weather hotline 845-473-3966 (will be updated an hour before your scheduled class time).

If your child has missed a class, or classes, then it is the parents' responsibility to re-schedule a make-up during any other time slots for that particular class within that session of the missed class. If the class is missed during the last week of the session, it may be carried over to the next session. If you

are not continuing into the next session, then the class is lost. If you know ahead of time that your child is going to miss classes, you may schedule a make up prior to the missed class. PLEASE NOTE: Make-ups MUST BE SCHEDULED AHEAD OF TIME! Walk-ins for make-ups may be turned away if the class is full or we do not have ample teaching staff.

Make-ups will not be given for the following reasons:
• A class missed from any previous session.

Gym Rules

At Mr.Todd's Gymnastics we feel there are certain qualifications and standards that are necessary to ensure a safe, secure, and satisfying gymnastics environment in our facility. Therefore, we enforce the following rules and ask that you review them with your child:

  • Please escort your child into the gym. Come into the gym to escort them out at the end of class. We WILL NOT let children walk into the parking lot alone to their guardians car. This is for the safety of our children. 

  • No shoes in the carpeted or matted gym areas please. Bare feet, socks, or acro-shoes are allowed only on the gym floor. If you are in the waiting area, please keep shoes on until passing the white gate. 

  • Any non-students (parents, siblings, etc.) are not permitted past the bathrooms during classes, except for parent participation classes.

  • No jeans, jean shorts or any other clothing with metal.

  • Proper attire is required. It is not mandatory for girls to wear leotards.  If they do, no attached skirts or gems below the waist.  Comfortable clothing should be worn.  Tight fitting shirts are preferred for safety, but not mandatory.  Shirts should able to be tucked in, if needed. Boys should wear t-shirts and shorts or sweat pants. No jewelry may be worn. Long hair must be tied off the face with no metal clips in the hair.

  • No one may go on any equipment at any time without an instructor present.

  • No food, gum, candy, or drinks are permitted in the gym area.

  • Please no tumbling out of the gym area.

  • Students arriving for class are asked to wait by the fence near the main entrance for the instructor

       to call them out. At this time, shoes must remain on.

  • No new skills may be attempted without an instructor's permission.

  • Parents: Please watch over any younger children. Please be considerate of disruptions or distractions to the class and students. Please do not talk to your child during class.

  • A positive attitude is required at all times.

The Staff at Mr.Todd's Gymnastics

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