Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your sessions run?

Our sessions run on 8 week programs. Our sessions consist of one class per week. Depending on your child's age will depend on how long the class runs (45 minutes, 50 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes). If your child would like to do more than one class per week you will get a discount on the second class.

Do you offer make ups if my child should miss a class?

Yes we do. If we should cancel class for any reason you get a make-up. If you miss class due to sickness, school event, etc... you will get a make-up. ALL make-ups must be completed before the end of the session that they miss the class for.

How do I know when it's time to sign up for the next session?

If you are currently enrolled in a session you must sign up during CLOSED registration. MTG does the following to let you know when it is time to sign up: 1) We put out a banner in the gym 2) We post it on the board in the foyer 3) Grab a 2019-2020 brochure at the front desk 4) It's posted on facebook 5) It's posted on the monthly calendar and newsletter 6) Join our mailing list (click bravenet link on our home page) 7) We make announcements and 8) Post signs on the front door and all over the gym.

I am interested in having my child's birthday party at Mr. Todd's?

We have two types of parties here at MTG. We have a Structured Gymnastics Party and a Bounce House Party. You may contact our birthday party hostess, Ashley at 845-522-0739 for more details. You can also check out more information on our birthday parties tab on this website.

My child is interested in a competitive team program. Do you have that at MTG?

Yes we do! Please contact the Operations and Team Director, Marisa Hart at

Do you cancel due to inclement weather? If so, how do we know you are closed?

We do cancel due to inclement weather. Your safety is very important to us and we do not want you risking attending gymnastics class. You will receive a make up for class missed. We will post our closure on, facebook, website and also on our phone line 845-473-3966.

If we pay for multiple sessions, do we get a discount?

YES...if you pay for 2-3 sessions up front you receive a 10% discount and 4-5 sessions you get 15% discount

Can I change classes during session or during closed registration?

We will only be able to change your class if their is currently an open spot in the class you want to switch to

What should my child wear to gymnastics class?

If they do not have a leotard they should wear comfortable clothing. NO jeans and nothing with metal, button, glitter, zippers or strings. They should try and wear tight fit clothing for safety. Absolutely NO jewelry - stud earings are allowed.

Do I have to wait until a new session before I can enroll my children?

We are always taking enrollment as long as their is a spot available in the class that you want to enroll in.