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Thank you for expressing an interest in Mr. Todd's Gymnastics programs. Our objective is to provide a happy and safe learning experience for children of all ages and levels through fundamental movement and basic gymnastics skills.


The Sport of Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastic skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other sports and activities... flexibility, balance, strength and agility. Through proper instruction, children show progress in many key developmental areas. Gymnastics will build physical fitness, especially strength, flexibility, body awareness, coordination, confidence, creativity and fun; the kind of fun that comes from accomplishing goals, making new friends, and experiencing the excitement of learning new skills.

Our purpose is to provide for children of all abilities a happy and safe learning experience in fundamental movement and basic gymnastic skills. We help children experience mental acuity as well as physical aptitude.

Our Pre-School & Recreational Instructors are current or former gymnasts who are consistently educated on spotting techniques and safety issues related to gymnastics. Instructors are USA Gymnastics Safety Certified and are USA Gymnastics members. 
MTG will always have a staff member on site that is CPR / First Aid Certified.

Team Coaches have 15 to 20 years of gymnastics experience as either competitors, instructors, coaches, or directors. Team Coaches are consistently being educated by attending seminars and

clinics to keep up to date on current techniques of training.


We offer developmental programs for boys and girls ages 15 months or older.  At Mr. Todd's, we feel that every child is special. Our goal is to make them feel that way about themselves and their accomplishments.

Our Pre-School Program, ages 15 months to 5 years, is designed to aid in the development of eye-hand coordination and fine and gross motor skills. The main objective is for each child to have fun while becoming confident in their physical and social abilities while learning fundamental gymnastics skills.

The Recreational Program is for boys and girls 6 years of age to young adults. We continue to reinforce gymnastics skills through safe, fun, progressive teaching.

Intermediate and Advanced Classes are designed for the recreational gymnasts who have accomplished most fundamental skills and are ready for more intense training and structure in order to learn to their potential. *(Upon Coaches Approval)

Tumbling Classes are designed for cheerleaders, dancers or acrobats, with the use of the floor and trampolines. Students take this class to enhance their tumbling skills or just for the enjoyment of tumbling itself.

Adult Classes are available for ages 16 and up to improve flexibility, strength, and to learn or improve gymnastics skills.


Pre-Team and ALL Team Programs are offered to students by invitation only.

Other Special Activities include Birthday Parties, Clinics, Date Nights, Summer Day Programs and Classes!

Facility and Equipment

Our facility is designed with safety first and fun second! Our clean 12,500 sq. ft. facility is set up for pre-school, recreational and also our ever expanding competitive program. Some of our equipment includes: a full size resilite olympic spring floor, a foam block floor, AAI uneven bars, AAI beams, 20'/40' tumble/power traks, AAI vaulting horses and tables, resi-pits, overhead spotting rigs, men's high bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings and training mushrooms. And our wide variety of pre-school shapes and training aids!

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